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ARKAD Energy Finance
ARKAD Energy Finance, founded in 2012, is a trusted lender for companies who need cash quickly.

Business are unique, so those circumstances will vary. But it often takes money to make money, and when banks get involved, momentum can seemingly grind to a halt.

For instance, one commercial client might need money for a large purchase order for a big customer that needs to be filled immediately. Banks can take up to 90 days to approve such loans. ARKAD caters to companies willing to pay a higher rate of return - 20 percent to 26 percent - in return for the convenience of more nimble decision making.

Though the firm began as a lender for clients in the energy industry, it provides financial lending to companies in any sector looking to sidestep cumbersome regulations and long waiting periods. ARKAD can loan up to $2 million to companies searching for faster financing than a bank can offer.
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