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Mansfield Mining is a leader in responsible mining. The company goes a step beyond collaboration and creates innovative micro-economies in host countries like Ghana. Mansfield Mining's operating partner in this venture is California-based Minatura, a precious-metals extraction firm with a legacy of solid experience, environmental responsibility and trusted partnerships in Ghana, similar to Minatura's program in Columbia - which is projected to benefit more than 2,000 rural households. (

In December of 2013, Mansfield Mining successfully secured a 55,000-acre lease in Obuasi, Ghana, to mine gold. Mansfield Mining recognizes Ghana's history of large-scale hard-rock mining operations. While it is clear that the country holds opportunity and profit Mansfield Mining sets itself apart from small-scale mining, using a process that uses gravity - not mercury or drilling. Mansfield Mining is smart in business collaborations, and embodies responsible environmental and economic practices. Business with Mansfield Mining is not only a job done right, but business that believes in giving back, as gold that is collect is then sold to local wholesalers in Ghana at a discount.

The Process

Mansfield Mining works only the top 15 feet of land. In turn, no drilling is involved and disruption is minimal.

Mansfield's partnership with Minatura's chief operating officer, John Rae, ensures successful and careful strategic planning in mining, as he is registered with the Association of Professional Geoscientists in Ontario, Canada. (

The technology Minatura utilizes in estimating yield is crucial to operations and to profit. Before any extraction begins, Rae determines specific areas that will produce the maximum grams of gold product. Then a series of pits are dug in a grid pattern, extraction gets underway, followed by instant land reclamation. By processing the ground soil, the land is restored, resulting in former extraction pits that are now planted with cocoa seeds.

The Mansfield Mining project in Ghana is now in Phase 2, with 600 pits dug. (Fall 2013)
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