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Mansfield Mining Gold Plant Assembled
WORCESTER, MASS., Feb 3, 2015 - After several months of hard work Mansfield Mining has managed to triumph through Ghana's heavy rain season and successfully assemble a gold plant on Friday, November 14. In the past 6 months Mansfield Mining made substantial progress in their pitting program (over 300 pits completed) of which the 100 initial pits have indicated a promising quantity of gold concentration to be found in future pitting stages. Bulk samples have uncovered a strip of gold deposits along the Gyimi River which is approximately 400 meters long x 50 meters wide x 1.5 meters deep for 30,000 m3 of gravel. The recovered grade is expected to be 0.4 g/m3 for a total of 350-400 fine ounces of gold worth over $400,000 USD. The second sample at Pompo is similar and will be completed after the Gyimi River sample is done.

On Thursday, December 11, 2014, Mansfield Mining and Pelangio received Bulk Sampling Permits from the Minerals Commission that approved 110,000 m3 sampling along the Gyimi and Pompo Rivers and also made provision for a much larger sample if needed. When the two samples are completed, it is anticipated to have recovered almost one million US in gold.

Crews were cut back in mid-December to allow for the Xmas break and an opportunity to get caught up on washing all of the sample gravel. A total of 63 pits were completed in December with grades and thickness recorded. The remaining 62 pits to bring the total to 400 that will be completed before the end of February so that the Feasibility Study can begin.

While the Feasibility Study is still underway the gold plant will help provide a higher level of confidence in the pit sampling and engineering data for the design of the larger commercial plant and mining operation.
Mansfield Mining is a subsidiary of Mansfield Holdings Group of Worcester, Mass. Its goal is to provide maximum revenue yield in Ghanese gold mining with minimal environmental upheaval. For more information, contact Mansfield Mining at 508-207-9742, or visit us at
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