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ARKAD Energy Finance Offers Easier Loan Alternatives
Quicker lending for businesses that need cash fast
WORCESTER, MASS., Sept. 28, 2012 - Mansfield Holdings Group announces ARKAD Energy Finance, a lending firm offering up to $2 million in loan services to cash-flow-positive companies.

The company is operating under the direction of Richard Domaleski and Christopher Galli.

Though its original clients were firms in the energy industry, ARKAD Energy Finance now serves clients in any field looking for money from a nimble, convenient lender.

"For clients, for example, that have a large purchase order to fill," said Domaleski, "we can make quicker decisions without as many covenants as compared with a bank," he said.

ARKAD clients "Local banks can take up to 90 days," said Galli. "For a business needing money to make money, that's too long."

Offering up to $2 million in quick loans at 20 percent to 26 percent financing, customers appreciate the convenience and agility of ARKAD Energy Finance.
ARKAD Energy Finance of Worcester, Mass., finances companies in the energy industry and other sectors. For more information, contact ARKAD Energy Finance at 508-207-9742, or visit us at

Richard Domaleski is the former CEO of World Energy Solutions in Worcester, which he founded. He is a recognized expert in energy markets, with World Energy winning numerous honors, including a GSA Environmental Award for greening the Statue of Liberty. World Energy has transacted more than $1 billion in green commodities.

Christopher Galli is senior vice president of solution development at Energy Choice and a partner at Mansfield Holdings Group. He is a certified mortgage planning specialist and sought-after speaker and consultant.
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