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Worcester's Mansfield Holdings Group mines gold in Ghana, dry cleans clothes in Natick
WORCESTER, MASS., May. 11, 2015 - When Connecticut-based Richard Domaleski (cq) and his partners on the north shore of Massachusetts and in New Hampshire were looking for a place to run an electricity trading company in 1996, they decided that Worcester was the right place to be.

And while Mr. Domaleski has changed his business pretty dramatically since then, he still likes operating in the heart of Massachusetts - at 40 Jackson Street.

Before getting into the different businesses he started, let's look at why he likes being in Worcester. As he explained in a May 4 interview, "Worcester has great schools where we can recruit people. And they want to establish roots here. Compared to Boston, there is a low cost of operating. And there are politicians from both sides of the spectrum so we can get things done."

Back in 1996, Mr. Domaleski was drawn to what he saw as a great opportunity in electricity deregulation. As he said, "Telecommunications had already deregulated more at a national level. And we thought that the electricity trading market would deregulate on a state-by-state level. In 1996, a couple of us flew from Worcester to Washington, DC and got started trading."

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